Image Strain Breeder Review & Description
U2 Mr Nice Seedbank Coming From the limited exclusive edition of Mr. Nice Seedbank is this hybrid mostly sativa marijuana strain… Reviews & info about  U2
UBC Chemo BC Bud Depot UBC Chemo is a well known BC Bud Depot marijuana strain with its taste that is richyand enriched with earthy… Reviews & info about  UBC Chemo
Uber Candy Haze Dutch Flowers Uber Candy Haze is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica strains. This marijuana strain is known for being… Reviews & info about  Uber Candy Haze
Uberkush Sannies Shop Uberkush is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a… Reviews & info about  Uberkush
UK Cheese x Aloha WW The Blazing Pistileros This marijuana strain is known for having very good marijuana properties that can delight any grower and… Reviews & info about  UK Cheese x Aloha WW
UK Chem Connoisseur Genetics The UK Chem of Connoisseur Genetics is an indoor and outdoor type of cannabis with complex flavor. Unlike… Reviews & info about  UK Chem
Ultimate Chem 2010 Riot Seeds Ultimate Chem 2010 is a marijuana plantthat is not a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain… Reviews & info about  Ultimate Chem 2010
Ultimate Indoor Capricorn Ultimate Indoor is a combination of two legendary plants bred for maximum hybrid indoor growth. It is a… Reviews & info about  Ultimate Indoor
Ultimate Peak Capricorn Ultimate Peak is strain that is mostly Indica. It has been crossbred from Peak 19 and Bubbleberry strains.   Ultimate… Reviews & info about  Ultimate Peak
Ultimate Thai Hemcy Seed Company Hemcy Seed Company’s Ultimate Thai is a sativa dominant cannabis (75% sativa and 25% indica). It is named… Reviews & info about  Ultimate Thai
Ultra Early Love Reefermans Seeds Ultra Early Love is another marijuana strain of Reefermans Seeds which is mold resistant. Its sativa genes make… Reviews & info about  Ultra Early Love
Ultra La Chem Bean Boyz Genetics Considered as a special hybrid marijuana strain that has balanced satica and indica genetics, Ultra La Chem… Reviews & info about  Ultra La Chem
Ultra Lemon Haze Auto Seeds After combining a cannabis cup winning Lemon Haze to a Sour Diesel, Ultra lemon Haze becomes the product… Reviews & info about  Ultra Lemon Haze
Ultra Skunk Dutch Passion Seed Company This hybrid marijuana strain has 40% indica and 60% sativa in its genetics.   It is the result of meticulous… Reviews & info about  Ultra Skunk
Ultraviolet Samsara Seeds The original White Dwarf x Skunk genetics of Shot Adrenaline and then crossed and re-crossed later with… Reviews & info about  Ultraviolet
Underdawg Loompa Farms Underdawgis a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being… Reviews & info about  Underdawg
Underdog OG Loompa Farms Underdog OG is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a… Reviews & info about  Underdog OG
Union Jack Sagarmatha Seeds Union Jack is also among the strains belonging to the feminized seeds group. This marijuana would then… Reviews & info about  Union Jack
Uptown Haze OG Riot Seeds Uptown Haze OG is another marijuana strain you could get from Riot seeds. This marijuana strain is known… Reviews & info about  Uptown Haze OG
Urban Poison Nirvana This marijuana strain is a new indoor-suitable type of the popular South African marijuana strain Durban… Reviews & info about  Urban Poison
Urban Poison The Sativa Seedbank This hybrid marijuana strain is especially bred to produce an indoor version of the popular South African… Reviews & info about  Urban Poison
Utopia Haze Barney’s Farm This sativa dominant 2008 Cannabis Cup and Sativa champion has its origins in Brazil. Its parents were… Reviews & info about  Utopia Haze
Uzbekistan CH9 Female Seeds A cross of CH9 Jack 33, Uzbekistan itself and Herijuana resulted to this indica type of strain called Uzbekistan… Reviews & info about  Uzbekistan
UZI Yardie Seeds This is a hard-hitting sativa marijuana strain that is why it is name Uzi by the Jamaican locals. It is… Reviews & info about  UZI
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