Image Strain Breeder Review & Description
Y Griega Medical Seeds Co The Y Griega starts with a dramatic force, which is why it is typical to grow it in SCROG to make it more … Reviews & info about Y Griega
Y2K Vancouver Seed Company Fast flowering and 100% indica is the main characteristic of this hybrid marijuana strain. Y2K is also a short…  Reviews & info about  Y2K
Yarkoum Tiki Seedbank A true novelty marijuana, Yarkoum of Tiki Seedbank is an indica dominant type with a short flowering phase. It grows… Reviews & info about Yarkoum
Yo Mama Bodhi Seeds Yo Mama is one of the most prominent Bodhi seed strains. It is mostly Indica despite being a hybrid of Sativa… Reviews & info about  Yo Mama
Yogi Bodhi Seeds Yogi is one of the Cannabis strains available in the seed banks of Bodhi Seeds. This marijuana strain is one… Reviews & info about  Yogi
Yoruba Nigeria Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds This is a pure strain that originated from Africa, a place where some of the exceptional marijuana strains… Reviews & info about  Yoruba Nigeria
Yoruba nigeria marijuana seeds Amsterdam Marijauana Seedbank This mostly sativa marijuana is a pure landrace that originated from Africa.   It is an early flowering strain that… Reviews & info about Yoruba Nigeria
Yumboldt Sagarmatha Seeds Yumboldt is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. It is actually known for being a mostly Indica in the background… Reviews & info about  Yumboldt
YUMBOLT CBD Seeds Yumbolt is a known variety of CBD seeds. It is actually a native of Afghanistan. Yumbolt was known… Reviews & info about YUMBOLT
Yumbolt 47 World Of Seeds This marijuana strain is a cross breed between Yumbolt and AK47 resulting to a 90% indica type with a high THC … Reviews & info about Yumbolt 47
Yummy Resin Seeds Yummy is a strain which is a cross breed between a G13 haze male and Yumbolt mother strain picked in the… Reviews & info about Yummy

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