If you are searching for cannabis that will challenge your tolerance or conquer medical symptoms this article will give you the strongest marijuana strain and more potent. Measuring the strength of cannabis is important before you use it. The main factors that affect strains THC content, these are

  •         Growing Location
  •         Growing medium
  •         Nutrient Level
  •         Light Source
  •         Temperature and Humidity0

Did you know that genetics also affects the strength of a plant? Genetics holds all the data about the plant, the THC level, and CBD it makes aroma, flavor, and even on how it develops. Cannabis projects a mix of factors that came from their parents’ strain just like people.

Today, growers are able to choose the desired components of growth, visual characteristics, and effect. This can be a great way of finding a strain that is perfect for your needs.

Strongest Marijuana strains and their beneficial factors

You must remember that even though its potency depends on the THC level, it is not just high THC that shows how potent a strain is. There are also compounds that affect a strain’s potency, this time we will discuss some of the strongest marijuana strain.

  •         COOKIES GELATO

      This strain came from mixing Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. This strain earned a sweet flavor and scent from its parents. It contains a lot of THC levels around 28% and offers a euphoric glam with a relaxing swish. This hybrid makes sure you don’t array with only paths and it is not prescribed for beginners. But if you have the guts and tolerance, this will give you a luxurious experience.

  •        ROYAL GORILLA

      Royal Gorilla is a foreign strain that has pleasantly greenish buds that reaches up to 26% of THC content. This hybrid is well-balanced and offers citrus euphoric high. The balanced content makes it suitable for therapeutic purposes.

  •         GREEN GELATO

      Green Gelato is considered as a must-try strain for any cannabis enthusiasts. It is made when a Sunset Sherbet is combined with Thin Mint Cookie that contains a sweet flavor and strong potency. This strain contains a THC level of up to 25% that intoxicates a mix of fruity tones, sharp mint, spicy kush, and cookie flavor. This will give you an uplifting high that your body will regret if you won’t try.

  •         HULKBERRY

      This was made from Europe and attained a status in a short period of time because it gained the 1st place at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. It is indeed the winner with its high THC content of 28%. Its parents were OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel that is a very powerful mix of indica and Sativa effects.

  •         TRIPLE G

      This type of strain can knock you out of the box. This is considered as one of the most potent on the list because it contains a 26-26% THC level. This is an indica-dominant, it can do more than relaxing you, and this can also make you fly away. If you are a medical user, issues like insomnia, chronic pain, or appetite loss. You will experience the taste of berries, candy, and chocolate to flow in your tongue while the diesel and earthy smell cover around you.

Recreational or Medical use

There is the cannabis that is used only for recreational fields; these strains get you a high that allows you to feel euphoric sensation and a couch-lock experience. Some users prefer a strain that can offer fun and exciting effects. Some people use medical marijuana because of its desired treatment. It is up to you what cannabis strain you will use as prescribed by your doctor.

Purchase your strain now!

Get your own strain now and start to experience these effects. You can visit your marijuana seed banks and purchase these types of strains. If you are interested you can also visit some websites that sell these strains. Start your purchase today! Do not waste time and find a legitimate store to buy your strain.