Tangy Gifts Marijuana Seeds

This company is an online seedbank that offers for sale marijuana seeds coming from all major marijuana plant breeders. The list of breeders where they order marijuana seeds is quite long and to just name a few they get seeds from the famous White Label Seeds, Flying Dutchman, and Mr. Nice seeds among others. Just check the list of breeders on the left pane of this page and it will give a pretty good idea on how big this seedbank is in terms of their marijuana seeds inventory. Marijuana Seeds is not the only thing for sale in this one-stop shop company as they have other products that can effectively pass as novelties. They have such products for sale like magazines, Snuff items, Hemp food products, grinders, cigarette papers and a whole lot more. Since the company’s inception 25 years ago, they managed to grow bigger offering a lot of products online for customers who want to buy marijuana seeds and other useful tools and equipments.

For those who want to buy marijuana seeds and other items from Tangy Gifts Marijuana Seeds, the company has several payment methods like credit cards. One thing about the company is that they offer for sale marijuana seeds only on a wholesale basis. They don’t sell to the general public so there are no product displays for marijuana on retail basis. Those who want to order marijuana seeds in volume may get in touch with them by calling the numbers stated in their website or send them a message via email.