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One of the new breeders in Spain which is making its presence strongly felt in the cannabis community is The Muppet Seeds. This company is able to breed quality and highly stabilized marijuana strains. Some of the well-known seeds created by this breeder are adapted for organic cultivation methods. It has been supporting chemical-free cannabis growing which is becoming popular nowadays. Among the top online seedbanks that sell The Muppet Seeds include Automatik Seeds which is located in Valencia Spain.
The marijuana strains created by The Muppet Seeds include Sugar Diesel, Jacky Brown, Sweet Chili Mango, Money Maker, Abobinable Snowman, Rastafaride and its best seller Machine Gum. Machine Gum is a mostly indica strain and an offspring of Bubble Gum which was created way back in 1993. Bubble Gum particularly became a popular breeding stock because of its strength and being a highly stable plant and Machine Gum inherited this characteristic. Machine Gum is recommended for indoor growing and performs best if grown using organic cultivation method. It is medium in height, highly resistant to pests and responds well to pruning. It has a delicious sweet taste and gives euphoric giggly effect that lingers. Machine Gum and other Muppet Seeds are available online through credible retailers and seedbanks.

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