It’s not always easy to pick the right strain of cannabis, particularly these days with so many varieties on offer. A broad selection of useful lists listing the top 10 marijuana strains in a variety of categories can be found here. So if you’re a vet who wants to try new things, a newbie looking for a good strain to get started, or an enthusiast grower searching for a bit of excitement, you might want to check out these top 10 lists below to find the best marijuana seeds.

TOP 10 Marijuana Strains

  1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a native of South Africa, with special aromas and a dedicated base of supporters. Admiring the vapes, papers, pipes, and Sativa sybarite edibles everywhere in the globe with its sweet, dank flower, this Sativa is named after the biggest port in Africa, Durban. It has a stash of woody and licorice-scented mind high which is hard to overlook. Durban is among the few beginner-friendly marijuana Sativas that is a high-performer in both indoor and outdoor grow-ops, preferred by local growers for its yield and dependable, uniform flowering. Its plants will grow medium-tall, and after only 8 to 10 weeks of development are ready for harvest.

2. Critical Kush

Critical Kush is made up of between 90 to 100% Indica genes, allowing it nearly as pure as it may be. It is a product of Critical Mass and OG Kush parent strains. This strain is a hard-hitter plant, backed by an enormous THC content of 20-25%. These levels provide powerful effects and long-lasting, marked by calming and relaxed feelings. These cannabinoids content is enhanced by CBD levels of 1–2 percent, contributing more therapeutic benefit to a strain that is already medicinal.

But Vital Kush’s advantages don’t end there. The strain is reported to impress the senses,  producing a stunning taste and fragrance profiles characterized by earthiness, citrus, wood hints, and spice. This strain’s sheer stoning strength makes it an ideal option for the evening. Critical Kush is a perfect burden for those who suffer insomnia or sleeplessness and after busy and exhausting days it will definitely help to settle it all the way down.

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights includes about 18% THC content, which is sufficient to elicit an intense and powerful high. h The strain’s odors and flavors are extremely refreshing and enriching, characterized by pine and earth hints. The high is profoundly stoning and calming, with a slightly aggressive edge rendering an Indica quite a sociable smoke. For both outdoor and indoor conditions, Northern Lights can only grow to modest heights however its yields in both environments are considered to be high and impressive. Growing is an easy variety, and so it may appeal to inexperienced growers looking for an easy entry strain.

4. Critical Mass

The Critical Mass needs to be on the top 10 marijuana strains. Critical mass is a pedigree developer of a blended combination of Skunk #1 and Afghani genetics. In every sense of the term heavy Indica. Critical Mass is a factory of organic buds that flower fast. Her is a pungent earthy smoke with a long-lasting, calming, and peaceful physical high. Critical Mass is ideally suited for SOG cultivation indoor due to the compact build and quick bloom time in only 50 days. Likewise Critical Mass can grow into a real ganja bush outdoors in such warm southern weather. Minimum nutrient and grower management hands are necessary to grow around 700g / m2.

5. Big Bud

The original Green Bud machine is Big Bud. To further refine the classic Afghan and Skunk # 1 mix, the new portrayal has been backcrossed to its original Afghan core. These oversized buds offer genuine character to the retro skunk and earthy hash aroma paired with an amazing full-bodied flavor. Producing a stoned impact on a soothing body. Quite shivering smoke.  Easy to cultivate and to accept inexperienced cultivators Big Bud is a perfect introduction to growing high yield marijuana. Throughout 60 days of growing, long-running thick principal chunky and colas side branches may need support. Plants can remain around 1 m in height, and still exceed 600g / m2. Instead, the sky is the limit outdoors in large containers of Big Bud. Tall trees 2m+ will reach yields of 1 kg.

6. Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

Those who still question the strength of modern autoflowering marijuana strains hit the autoflowering Gorilla Glue and feel the results yourself. Right now the Gorilla Glue with Ruderalis has been spawned a new myth by fusing the hottest and most active strain on the planet. Expect a quick hit cerebral euphoric high accompanied eventually by a growing couch-locked effect. Scented with citrus and pine. Nuggs of Gooey. A taste of full-bodied lemon and diesel. And cropping quickly will keep you returning for more.

7. Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar is produced by fusing the original vintage Mazar with an Indica-dominant, heavy-duty, autoflowering type. Simple, stocky, and quick to harvest this strain is a perfect choice for beginner growers. Not devastatingly powerful nor overwhelming with a mostly physical mellow influence, either. The Auto Mazar’s ready for chop 10 weeks after sprouting. Typical indoors is 50 to 100 grams per plant, typically slightly more outdoors. These strains are rather standardized, and it shows no difference for individuals. 60-80 cm tall, excellently-branched plants that are supposed to grow like clones.

8. White Widow 

Which could be a more marvelous intro to gourmet genes and growing cannabis than the Autoflowering White Widow? The Dutch Coffeeshop legend White Widow and Ruderalis 14 % THC content hybrid is exactly what the inexperienced cultivator is looking for. Outdoors or indoors she is ready for harvest within 10-11 weeks of total crop time. From tiny 40-80 cm crops, yields of up to 450grams / m2 of frosty buds are to be expected inside. White Widow Autoflowering Outdoors is also pretty stealthy. Staying at an altitude of around 1 m or less. 200 grams per bushy flower is attainable under optimal warm, dry conditions. The high is a stoned, less intense body. Moreover, the flavor is more citrus fresh than the harsher White Widow original.

9. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have built up a massive reputation and cults among cannabis enthusiasts as a true classic of Cali. While this strain has many varieties, original Californian Girl Scout Cookies marks out due to its strong THC level which is 25 to 28 percent. GSC got its name because of their complicated scents which are both fruity and sweet but still very minty. One reason that GSC is becoming so popular is its powerful high that balances cerebral relaxation perfectly with muscle relaxation. It’s really no wonder that this strain has won many Cannabis Cups and awards,  despite its genetics, taste, strength, and unique impact.

10. Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana

Thriving grow indoor as well as outdoor, quick autoflowering Early Miss is an easy grow to moderate. It grows in a fairly short time and takes only 7 weeks to complete. Within this short period of time, thick buds will welcome you with much more resin than you can ever expect. This strain is 60%  Indica-dominant, Sativa 30%, and Ruderalis 10%. This plant’s yield is stunning, particularly relative to other auto-flowering strains. Within, you should expect to have yields of up to 100 grams; inside, the number shoots up to 200 grams.  It’s known that early Miss has a smooth soothing effect that you really can feel throughout every inch with your body.  The THC content level of this strain means this lovely plant can knock out all of the tension colds.