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The Tropical Seeds Company is a breeder of marijuana seeds that focuses on developing fine cannabis strains that come from their own farm. The method of marijuana growing that they have focuses on greenhouses and indoor methods of growing. The marijuana seeds for sale of this breeder came from select strains and they employed a specific breeding method that also includes the climate of the place where they grow marijuana. Right now, they concentrate mainly on growing sativa marijuana seeds and it is because of their location which has a sub-tropical climate condition.

Among the famous marijuana strains that this breeder has in store for those who want to buy marijuana seeds include Afrokush, Bisho Purple, Ciskei and Double Congo just to name a few. By the names alone of these cannabis seeds will readily imply that they are indeed rare and a class of their own. The customers can buy marijuana seeds in packs of 3, 5 and 10 seeds. The company wants to spread the quality weed seeds that they have so they sell their pot seeds even in retail. As of now, they don’t have promos and freebies and even coupons for the customers.

Those who want to order marijuana seeds from Tropical Seeds will have to contact the breeder by giving their name and email particulars. The company will then get back to the customer who wants to purchase marijuana seeds. They have quite a versatile payment method because they accept visa, mastercard credit cards, paypal, American express and other methods of payment that is very convenient to the customer.

Tropical Seeds Company

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