Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Indica, Sativa
Effect: Energetic
Flavour: Â
THC Level:  Very High
Growing:  Easy

Smile is a marijuana strain that is said to be sativa dominant. It is a strain that is especially created for people who do not have a lot of growing space and wanted to experience a sativa strain. Even though this marijuana strain has a very great couch lock effect, the thing that makes Smile famous is its effect makes you have a very big smile.
It will take Smile 8 — 9 weeks for it to finish its flowering time. The height of this marijuana strain is said to be 12 inches when it will start to flower and will likely to grow more up to 22 — 23 inches. Know that this marijuana strain responds well in increase psycho activity.
This marijuana strain has a plant structure that is known for having a good side branching. The effect of Smile is said t be a balanced energetic kind of high.
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