Afghanchitral Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 8 weeks
Yield: Average
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Mostly indica
Effect: Stoned
Flavour: Kush
THC Level:
Growing: Easy

Excellent for beginners in marijuana cultivation, Afghanchitral is a very easy to grow weed plant that is best grown indoors for maximum potential. It can also grow outdoors and just needs basic training to become a productive ganja. This mostly indica hybrid is the result of crossing Old School Afghan with a 100% indica Pakistan Chitral Kush resulting in a versatile hybrid cannabis strain that grows short to medium height and therefore great for those with small grow room space.
Flowering period for Afghanchitral is over in about 8 weeks if it is put under 12/12 light cycle. Yield is best when it is under 18/6 of light and dark cycle in the first 2 months and the grower can expect to harvest fat and thick buds with good flower to leaf ratio. The effect when smoked is clear indica stoned high lasting for a few hours.
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