Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Neville’s Haze

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 50-70 Days
Yield:  700-1200g/m2
Height:  Tall
Indica/Sativa:  Sativa
Effect: Very Euphoric
Flavour:  Spicy
THC Level:  22.6%
Growing:  Moderate

This marijuana strain is said to be one of the most powerful trains available today. This is the strongest haze variation so far. Know that Neville’s Haze is a super fresh strain and is said to be able to have high amount of resin production. Also, know that the effect of Neville’s Haze is very sativa like.
It takes about 50 — 70 days for the flowering period of Neville’s Haze to finish and that the genetics of this plant is almost all haze. Know that due to its outstanding qualities, Neville’s Haze is the winner of the Seeds HTCC in the year 1998. Also, Neville’s Haze is the perfect plant for any enthusiasts and connoisseur because of the traits that it is able to exhibit.
When you grow Neville’s Haze outdoor, the plant can be ready for harvest in the month of November. The effect of Neville’s Haze is characterized as a very string and psychoactive kind of high. In short, Neville’s Haze is able to deliver a high that is very stimulating and spiritual.