White Label Marijuana Seeds

This Company’s Marijuana seeds normally come in packs of 10 but there are also packs where the content numbers 11. This is as the company claims, “for good measure”. A way of making sure that they do not fall short of the number of marijuana seeds in each pack. They also have packs of 25 seeds for the outdoor mix and the indoor mix. The mix package of 25 seeds contain both male and female marijuana seeds and also contains several varieties of up to 5 strains for the outdoor mix. This way, the buyer get to have several strains in just one purchase which is actually preferred by a good number of growers who want to grow several marijuana strains at the same time. For the indoor mix, the package may have more varieties which can be up to 16 in certain cases. When you buy White label Marijuana Seeds, just be ready to grow several marijuana strains all at the same time. 160
White Label Seed Company Marijuana Seeds is also known as the Sensi Seeds and they deliver cannabis seeds in most parts of Europe except Norway, Luxemburg and the USA. Aside from these 3 countries, they deliver mostly in the remaining countries of Europe. This online seed bank has a postage charge on a per country basis so if you want to order White Label Marijuana Seeds, it is best to consult their postage fee charges. The marijuana Seeds for delivery are package neatly in a strong material to prevent damage to the seeds.

White Label Seed Company

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