Likle Ryda Marijuana Seeds

Likle Ryda

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 49 days
Yield: Low
Height: Short to medium
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: High, stoned
Flavour: Jamaican
THC Level: 16% +
Growing: Easy

This hybrid marijuana seed is the result of crossing the legendary Lowryder with Yardie Seeds’ very own Jamaican High Grade. The result is a fast flowering hybrid cannabis strain that can also grow both indoor and outdoor. It has the strength and potency of Jamaican High Grade and the fast flowering genes of Dutch Lowryder. Likle Ryder is also a strong weed plant that is pest resistant courtesy of its ruderalis genetics. Even beginners can handle the growing needs of this ganja as long as its minimum requirements like nutrient needs are observed.
Flowering time for this fast weed plant is just 49 days if grown in an indoor set-up counted from the time it leaves the germination stage. Yield is not that much for this hybrid strain as the grower can expect to harvest around 200 gr/m2 of fine cannabis buds. The effect when smoked is long lasting high finishing off with a relaxing stoned feel with no hangover.